I'm working on a android application and I need to estimate online camera rotation in 3D-plan using images from camera and opencv library. I like to calculate Euler angles.

A homography is a perspective transformation of a plane, that is, a reprojection of a plane from one camera into a different camera view, subject to change in the translation (position) and rotation (orientation) of the camera. The rotation matrix together with the translation vector allows you to transform points from the world coordinate to the camera coordinate system. 3-D translation, returned as a 1-by-3 vector. If you set the imagePoints and worldPoints inputs to class double , then the function returns the rotationMatrix and translationVector as double . I believe that there are 2 things being discussed here: estimating a homography matrix from corresponding points in images (which OpenCV does support); and decomposing a homography matrix into translation and rotation vectors for the object in space (which OpenCV does not seem to support).