Adult tent caterpillars are reddish-brown moths with two white bars on their forewings. Their eggs overwinter in shiny, black egg masses that encircle twigs. Signs/Damage: Large, silky white webs in the forks of tree and shrub branches in early spring indicate tent caterpillars are present. The pests come outside the tents to feed.

Eastern tent caterpillars make their tents in the forks of branches and feeds on leaves outside the tent. The fall webworm is hairy, pale green or yellow, and has black or reddish spots along its back and there is usually more than one generation each year. How to Kill Tent Caterpillars : Easy Way – 2020. Tent caterpillars or also known as Eastern Tent Caterpillar are a not exactly a threat to plants. They do not eat all the leaves of a plant that may harm or kill those trees. But they are harmful in a sense that they can cover up the whole tree and it’s not exactly a pretty sight either.