Type of play – Different guns are designed for different tactical plays so it is important to know what type of play the gun you want to buy is intended for and whether or not it is the way you like to play. 10 Best Nerf Guns Below we begin our list of the best nerf guns in the game. We hope you take the time to read and hopefully be ... The best nerf guns and Nerf Vulcan of course are altogether more prominent and recommended more for the colossal youngster who values Nerf. The Raider is Nerf’s type of a Tommy-gun. Its claim is as far as possible Nerf gun ever.

Aug 30, 2017 · Full Nerf Arsenal! Ethan with the Nerf Mastondon Vs. Cole with the Nerf Rhino Fire - Duration: 7:24. ExtremeToys TV Recommended for you