ss / waffen-ss / nazi police Rare books, documents and other memorabilia from and/or about Heinrich Himmlers SS (Schutzstaffeln), Waffen-SS and Nazi Police, rare original Lebens-born items, SS Ahnenerbe society items, concentration camp material, books on the SS resettlement program of ethnic Germans, etc.

Here is a really nice mint (unissued) 13th SS Freiwilligen Gebirgs Mountain Division “Handschar” collar tab. This SS collar tab was first issued in 1943 and features the correct silver-gray embroidered thread making up an image of a hand holding a scimitar on a black wool/felt-like cloth… Copy of Recruiting Poster for the Waffen-SS (Item WAF 4-2; YOUTH 3-20) DESCRIPTION: Here is one of the neatest of the Waffen-SS recruiting posters. This is an accurate copy right to the size and the color. It features the depiction of a Hitler Youth lad standing in the shadow of the Waffen-SS soldier.