You could cross white rock rooster X G. C hen . Then cross then cross rooster of this cross back on golden comet hen.Thenobserve offspring that might have traits like golden comets and eliminate and not use those that have undesirable traits. would be along process , but might come up with anew breed.Could also make reciprocal cross of above.The Golden Comet chicken is not your average, every day breed. They are a cross breed or what is also referred to as a sex link breed. This breed is created by a mating between a White Rock hen and a New Hampshire rooster. The resulting chicken is what has been named the Golden Comet.Order Day-Old Golden Comet Chickens at Cackle Hatchery, Known for Producing Extra Large Brown Eggs - Hatching & Shipping Baby Chicks Since 1936 "Ugly but good potential for a dual purpose bird. 3 Golden comet chickens I have 3 as well I've been reading about this Golden Comet chicken variety of late - going to try some this spring. See more

Golden Comet Chickens, chicken breed information, chicken photos and images, chicken videos, chicken pictures chickens for sale chicks for sale chicken facts What others are saying Golden Comet Chicken Hens - Lillian has two Kelsey and Ms. Golden Comets are a hybrid breed bred for their egg laying abilities and at their peak could be laying 5 or 6 eggs each a week on average. Because they are hybrids it is not possible to breed Golden Comet chicks from Golden Comet roosters and hens so if you want to expand your flock at a later date with more Golden Comets they will need to be purchased.