MathJax is available as a web service from, so you can obtain MathJax from there without needing to install it on your own server. The CDN is part of a distributed “cloud” network, so it is handled by servers around the world. Installing and Testing MathJax¶. The easiest way to use MathJax is to link directly to the MathJax distributed network service (see Using the MathJax CDN).In that case, there is no need to install MathJax yourself, and you can begin using MathJax right away; skip this document on installation and go directly to Configuring MathJax.

If you choose to include MathJax in an exported HTML file, a CDN link will be used instead of the embedded MathJax code. This requires an Internet connection to view the rendered MathML. Configuration. All of the available configuration presets can be chosen from the dropdown next to the MathJax checkbox. MathJax CDN issue and solution MathJax has shut down its CDN on the 30th of April, which leads to inability of outdated Open edX instances to reach the service. Most notable consequence which affects all users is that the students cannot submit quizzes as "Submit" button is inactive.