Apr 19, 2013 · Jesus Christ and His teachings are very much an integral part of God’s law. They enhance it! Jesus Christ says that He came to fulfill the law of God, giving the far more demanding spiritual application (see Matthew 5:20-48, where the intent of the law is expounded). So you see, if we make Jesus our goal, if we make His Divine Will our guide—which means having to discipline, mortify, and abstain from the inordinate passions of the flesh—then the peaceful fruit of this will be joy. Jesus speaks very plainly about his role and his goals in John 5. He states that the great works which he does are the Father's works -- raising the dead, and making them alive. He states that the Father has turned over all judgment -- that is, the power to examine and decide a man's fate -- to the Son.

The Purpose of the Gospel of Mark QUESTION: What is the purpose of the gospel of Mark? ANSWER: Mark was not one of the original disciples. It is not, and was never intended to be a biography of the life of Jesus, so we frequently find this gospel does not flow in an exact chronological order. The goal of the gospel is that, Loving the Lord Jesus With the first love, We would pour out upon Him, Pour out upon Him What is most precious to us, Even our most costly and valuable Spiritual treasure, “Wasting” ourselves upon Him.