mujahid has 6 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Jan 02, 2020 · (Islam) A Muslim engaging in jihad, especially armed jihad; a jihadist.··(Islam) mujahid (Muslim engaging in jihad) Prosecutors said Alwan worked with the Mujahidin Shura Council, a violent group that claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, torture and deaths of two soldiers with the Fort Campbell-based 101st Airborne Division and the death of a third soldier from the same unit while they were patrolling about 60 miles south of Baghdad in June 2006.

May 15, 2012 · As children grow into their young adult years, the opportunity for transformation in transit grows. In October, I blogged about the work of Mujahid Sarsur and the Bard Palestinian Youth Initiative. A participant of this program reflects on his experience travelling on a bus after visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum with the program: Mujahid ibn Jabr was known to be willing to go to great lengths to discover the true meaning of a verse in the Qur'an, and was considered to be a well-travelled man. However, there is no evidence he ever journeyed outside of the Arabian Peninsula. [citation needed] Mujahid is a word used to call warriors in islam. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.