The first rule will cause all outbound packets from eth1 (WAN interface) to have the source IP address of eth1 (i.e., enable NAT). The second rule will redirect all incoming HTTP packets (destined to TCP 80) from eth0 (LAN interface) to Squid listening ort (TCP 3128), instead of forwarding it out to WAN interface right away.

These Git web interfaces are fairly easy to install and get up and running. Because Git is a distributed system, it shouldn't affect your normal workflow to create a clone of a repository on a server machine and use the web interface to investigate the project.How to Install Icinga Web 2 on Centos / RHEL 8. Update the system,Install Install Apache, Install MySQL, Install PHP, Install Icinga2 IDO modules....Red Hat solutions on AWS gives customers the ability to run enterprise traditional on-premises applications, such as SAP, Oracle databases, and custom applications in the cloud. Customers benefit from the familiar interface and consistent environment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and the simplicity and scalability of AWS.