This is the tutorial to download Spectrum TV for PC.By downloading the Spectrum TV app for PC, you can watch all of Spectrum TV's content on a desktop PC or Laptop.. Spectrum TV is a great application if you want to watch TV channels live in the palm of your hand.Spectrum TV brings over 250 Live channels for your smartphone. These 250 channels have up to 30,000 TV shows and movies that you ...Record music from the internet - free -- to your computer and burn it to CD. This explains how to record music from the internet onto your computer, and then (if you want to) burn it to a regular CD to play in any CD player. This is not the same as downloading music.

Meet the Best Screen Recording Software for any occasion! Bandicam is a lightweight screen recorder software for Windows that can capture anything on your PC screen as high-quality video. Also, it makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or capture a game that uses the DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies.Drag and drop the recording window to select any area on your computer desktop that you like to capture. Hit the red Rec button to start recording and hit it again to stop. You can find more details from this tutorial to capture screen videos on Windows computer. How to record streaming videos on PC or Mac for free?