>>151520362 > To think that there was someone who had such a deep understanding of Bleach! And to think that I would end up giving someone else the scene I wanted to show! >Normal Yuki Rikichi. Yuki Rikichi (行木 理吉 Hành Mộc Lý Cát) là tam tịch quan hiện tại Đội 6. Cậu gia nhập Đội 6 vì thần tượng Abarai Renji. Trong khi Renji chiến đấu Byakuya để cứu Rukia, Rikichi đưa Hanatarō Yamada ra khỏi nơi giam giữ.

Mar 28, 2018 · "But of course. In the new world created by Tokinada-sama, Fullbringers can return to being the 'predators'. Yes, I have heard that story from President Yukio here, because after all, X-CUTION is a gathering of people with the powers to change the world." "What kind of world is he planning on creating?" For her Bleach works, Kotoki Rin (琴稀りん) of Rin Rin House (RIN・RIN・HOUSE) does mostly all-character gag doujinshi but with a focus on Kuchiki Rukia (particularly, in Kotoki-san's words, "Rukia uke").