After all, Per said Giroud had the worst hair because it "takes too long". He doesn't seem the type who spends hours in front of the mirror teasing hair into place. And really, almost no one can see his hair from above or up close anyway, up there in the clouds, so what's the point? Got to love the Ox though. A well-reasoned answer to every ... Holly Thackeray | July 26, 2016. There have been some truly terrible haircuts sported across Euro 2016 and now pre-season, with Lionel Messi’s bleached blond bombshell with ginger beard look (after a close shave with the law) only the latest in a long line of barnet blunders and fashion faux pas by footballers.

1. David Beckham’s Cornrows. He’s become one of the greatest style icons of all time, in fact you’d be hard pressed to find a local five-a-side team that haven’t copied at least one of his many famous hairstyles but when he went tropical with Caribbean style corn rows it proved that even the world’s most fancied man can get things (MASSIVELY) wrong.