The treatment of Heartworm disease is considered a risky business by veterinarians as it requires the use of arsenic-based medications to kill the parasitic worms. Before your dog is accepted for treatment, an evaluation of their health and general suitability will be undertaken by your vet and the risk factors properly accessed. Animal owners must ensure the collar or tether does not cause cuts, skin abrasions, swelling, or prevent breathing, panting or drinking. 4. Dog dew claw provisions

The dew claw grows up on the leg, so when the dog is standing still, the dew claw does not make contact with the ground. Most front leg dew claws have structure to them and are attached by tendons. Dogs can also have "double dew claws" meaning they have two dew claws on one leg. Oct 18, 2015 · Soaking, cleaning, and neosporin may help. Your vet may need to trim the nails, clean, soak, and bandage. Tests or xrays may be needed to rule out nasty infections, bone infections, ot tumors Not all dogs have dew claws, as some breeders choose to remove them when puppies are just a few days old. If your dog has dew claws they may be injured by snagging on fabric, brush or other hazards. First aid and possible vet treatment will help your pup recover from this painful injury.